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All Your Meat and Poultry Requirements for Christmas

(December 04, 2015)
Look no further for all your fresh meat and poultry requirements for Christmas 2016.
Our Christmas planning is well under way, we have ample supplies of beef, pork, lamb, hams, gammons, turkeys, geese, ducks, cockerels and three bird roasts.  You can order all of these items to collect from any of the farmers markets we attend or you can come along to the butchery shop at March House (open Monday - Saturday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm) to order and collect.
Our Turkeys come to us as day old poults from Holly Berry Hatcheries in Lincolnshire, we have both bronze and white strains.  They are reared in the traditional way slow growing to mature over six months, developing a flavoursome delicious meat.
All our Turkeys are hand dry plucked, hung for 15 days and prepared by ourselves in the on farm butchery and come to you oven ready.
We also have traditionally reared geese and ducks available to order.
Or for something special try our three bird roast of duck, chicken, pheasant with a traditional stuffing - delicious!
Turkey prices range from £3.64 to £4.55 per lb depending on size.
Geese £6.00 per lb.
Ducks £5.34 per lb
Cockerels £3.86 per lb
Three Bird Roast £7.66 per lb
See the seperate prices lists on the web site for beef, pork, lamb, gammons, hams, sausages and bacon. 

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